OneMorePicTravel came about because we wanted to have an avenue with which to help other fellow wanderers, budget travelers and first time travelers. While we work a typical 9-5 job, we always make time for travel. A lot of what we were seeing online were articles centered around leaving everything behind and traveling full time. Since that is not feasible for us, or for most of the people we know, we thought that we could show that it is possible to have a normal life balanced with travel.

We have found different ways over the years to find amazing travel deals that are also budget-friendly. None of our trips are sponsored or paid for by anyone else. We save our own money and find places to visit where our travel savings can be maximized. We utilize every research tactic that we know of to make the most of every trip. For some, doing extensive and detailed itineraries can be tedious, but for us it’s a rush! Strange, we know lol, but organization is key when you’re planning an amazing adventure.

At a Christmas Market in Budapest, Hungary

We travel because we love to experience new things and see what the world has to offer. Whether it’s experiencing a new culture on the other side of the world or discovering natural wonders stateside, we know there is so much to see and we cannot wait to get out there and see it!