Chicago is a city that we would move to without a doubt! Since we are both very much city girls, Chicago offered the urban city charm we love, mixed with a northern appeal. However, we definitely weren’t fully prepared for the cold that hit us as soon as we stepped foot outside of the airport!


Despite the chilly weather, we were excited to begin our adventure. We took their public transit train to downtown Chicago and were met with rain and learned why Chicago is called the Windy City!


One of the things we both enjoy doing when we travel to any new place is check out their museums. The Art Institute of Chicago did not disappoint! We could’ve easily gotten lost within the museum for hours on end. The museum also provided a respite from the chilly weather and rain.

Near the Art Institute we got to see the famous “Bean” structure, quite an interesting sight. I wasn’t expecting it to be as huge as it was, or as mirror-like.


Of course we went to the famous Giordano’s pizza restaurant and tried their deep dish pizza. In my honest opinion, I preferred their thin crust pizza, weird, I know lol. We also went to local bars and pubs where we met so many interesting locals. It’s important to us to try to blend in and enjoy our environments as much as possible. The people of Chicago were pretty cool.

On our last full day, we went to the Navy Pier. The Pier was fully decked out in Christmas decorations. The whole place looked beautiful! We also went to see Wrigley Field and no trip to Chicago is complete without going to Willis Tower!

We went to the 360 deck and got to see the whole city! It was truly breathtaking. They have glass boxes that extended out of the building and visitors can step in and essentially seem to be suspended in air. This is not for the faint of heart. I mustered the courage and went into one of the glass boxes and can say that I would do it again in a heartbeat! The views are beyond spectacular and there is some adrenaline to seeing the ground several stories below your feet!


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