6 Holiday Travel Tips

Like many people today, I had to work a normal work day. Also like most people today, I had to brave the inevitable traffic home. On days like these, near a holiday, I always check my GPS to see how long my commute home will be. I wasn’t surprised when it said there was more traffic than usual.

What did surprise me was that out of the three typical routes, two of which are through two different highways and the other is through the streets, my fastest route was going to be through the streets!

Everyone was either trying to get home or trying to leave town for the holidays. On top of the traffic, there was unexpected rain. I kept thinking about those traveling out of town and all of the issues they would encounter.

Below are 6 holiday travel tips from T + L:

  1. Tips - holiday travelDouble-check admission hours for sights & attractions
  2. Be a contrarian traveler
  3. Be kind to airline and airport staff
  4. Bring a spare change of clothes in your carry-on
  5. Prepare yourself for stress – and accept that things can go wrong
  6. Take advantage of ‘Dead Weeks’ for cheaper travel deals

Check out the original article here.

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